Introduction to the Department of Foreign Languages


In its history of over half a century, the Department of Foreign Languages has evolved from a teaching section offering English and Russian language-classes to undergraduate science majors to a multi-dimensional department with a bachelor’s degree program in English and Science (double-major), a master’s degree program in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, and an MA program in Translation and Interpretation.
The department also offers short-term intensive programs in English training and in Chinese culture.

At present the department has a faculty of 51, including five full professors and 19 associate professors. Their major fields of research include: language teaching methodology, computer-assisted language learning, testing, psycholinguistics, and translation. In this century the department is making renewed efforts in its research to make language learning and teaching more efficient and effective.
One of the latest innovations to help learners convert their book knowledge into pragmatic skills is the establishment of an English Practice Center (EPC), which is capable of simultaneously holding eight language workshops.