• Name:HUANG Wen 
    Research Field: 
      - Film and Television dissemination 
     - The Education of New Media Art 
      - The Art of Vision Theory (including Film and Television) 
      - Film and Television Play Composition 
    List of Main Publications 
    [Published Articles and Works] 
    I. Essays published in core journals 
    [1]"A Comparative Study on Scriptwriters’ Rights Protection Strategies between USA and China in Digital Era"(by Hu Yun, Huang Wen, Zhou Rongting) 
    ---- Journal of Beijing Film Academy, 2009, No.2 
    [2]"Script Form and Emotion Transmission"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Movie Literature, 2002, No.4 
    [3]"Paradise in Children’s dream —analysis of Iranian film children of heaven",(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Movie Literature, 2002, No.4 
    [4]"How Great Is the Conflict—A Brief Analysis on the Breakthrough in the Rules of Conflicts Practiced in Chinese Movies"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Journal of Beijing Film Academy, 2001, No.1 
    [5]"Huang jianxin in 2001 —analysis of Chinese film The Marriage Certificate",(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Journal of Beijing Film Academy, 2001, No.4 
    [6]"The Implied Screen script in Films"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Movie Literature, 2001, No.7 
    II. Essays published in other journals 
    [1]"The Phenomenon of ‘The Courtyard Culture’ in Huaibei Movie/Television Practice with the View of Grand Hui School Cultural Backgroud"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Grandmaster literature and art, 2008, No.1 
    [2]"Comment on TV documentary ‘Yan Fengying’"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Inside and outside the screen, 2008, No.3 
    [3]"Research on the phenomenon of the Huibei Movie/ Television culture"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Anhui film studies, 2008, No.6 
    [4]"On Campus DV Development Course of USTC"(by Wang Guoyan, Huang Wen, Ding Xing) 
    ---- DV@ Era, 2008, No.8 
    [5]"DV development and campus culture construction"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Spread of the science & technology culture, 2007, No.11 
    [6]"Theme comment on movie: tonsorial taste, unforgettable"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Movie story, 2004, No.7 
    Ⅲ. Colloquium papers 
    [1]"The current status and countermeasures of Chinese Movie industry in globalization progress"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- The union annual conference of national techoscience, theory of science of science and technology policy, 2010.4 
    [2]"Country themed film in Anhui in the new century of Chinese movie"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- The 60 –year change of Anhui country themed film seminar, 2009.7 
    [3]"Women in the wind and cloud time---brief analysis of female character in Zhou Luyan’s play"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- Lu Yanzhou screenplay seminar, 2008.11 
    [4]"The Developing Tendency and Current Status of DV in Chinese Colleges and Universities"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- The national High school film education and experiment teaching mode seminar, 2007.6 
    [5]"The Prospect of Digitalization Revolution and Its Development on Contemporary Movies" (by Huang Wen) 
    ---- The third international conference of GCRA, 2005.12 
    [6]"Why Disaster Film: Consciousness of Crisis in Movies and Its Artistic Expression"(by Huang Wen) 
    ---- The Fourth Asia-pacific media, science and social development seminar, 2004.11 
    Ⅳ.Published books 
    [1]"Approaching techoscience", vice-chief editor 
    ---- China social science publishing house, Beijing, 2010 
    [2]"Personal Quality Accomplishment for College Students on Art", cooperation 
    ---- USTC Publishing House, Hefei, 2009.7 
    [3]"My DV, My Life: A DV Selection of USTC (2005-2008)", cooperation 
    ---- USTC Publishing House, Hefei, 2008.11 
    [4]"Ideas and Concepts on Film Plays", cooperation 
    ---- China Film Publishing House, Beijing, 2006.10 
    [5]The Pictorial of "The third China Documentary Film Festival/Forum", chief editor 
    ---- USTC Publishing House, Hefei, 2006.4 
    [6]"My DV, My Life: A DV Selection of USTC", cooperation 
    ---- USTC Publishing House, Hefei, 2005.9 
    [7]"Fictionalizes Freedom-- Screenplay Ontology", cooperation 
    ---- China Film Publishing House, Beijing, 2002.3 
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