• CAS Adds 8 Chinese and 1 Foreign Academicians from USTC

    On Nov 22th, the results of the 2019 CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) academician selection were officially announced to the public. This time, CAS has added 64 Chinese nationals and 20 foreign experts, including 8 USTC professors and 1 USTC foreign professor.

  • Progress Made on The Structure of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
    [2019-12-15] The research team led by Prof. DU Pingwu reported the first synthesis of a π-conjugated polymeric segment of armchair single-walled carbon nanotubes.
  • Prof. LI Xiangyang Honored with the ACM fellow
    [2019-12-12] On Dec 11, Prof. LI Xiangyang was announced as a Fellow of the ACM for his contributions to the design, analysis and optimization of IoT and mobile systems.
  • The Recent Progress on A Spin-orbit Coupled Mott Insulator
    [2019-12-11] Recent experiments have further revealed an interacting loop between the pseudogap, d-wave superconductivity, and electron-boson coupling.
  • 12·5 Volunteer Carnival held
    [2019-12-08] On Dec. 5th, 12·5 Volunteer Carnival was held to celebrate the 34th international volunteer day.
  • Scientists Synthesize Extremely Stable Electrocatalyst with Phase-Mixing Strategy
    [2019-12-06] YU Shuhong' s team find a new way to improve the stability of polymorphic cobalt diselenide (CoSe2) catalyst through phase mixing.
  • A Smart Strategy to Increase Photothermal Therapeutic Efficiency
    [2019-12-05] A research team developed a “smart” strategy to increase the photothermal therapeutic efficiency of their corresponding diseases.
  • Researchers Reveal The Atomic Structure Of The Human Herpesvirus 6B Capsid
    [2019-12-05] BI Guoqiang's team obtained the near-atomic resolution structure of the human herpesvirus 6B capsid and capsid-associated tegument complexes.
  • Vigorous Youth——the Opening Ceremony of USTC Literary Festival
    [2019-12-04] On the evening of Nov. 23th,2019 Vigorous Youth——the Opening Ceremony of USTC Literary Festival and the 18th Animation Night was held at the East Hall.
  • Whisper and Dance from Beneath the Opera House
    [2019-12-03] On the evening of Dec 2nd, the Cuban Spanish Dance Troupe was invited to perform the dance drama Phantom of the Opera.
  • Research Adds New Insight in the Formation of Moon
    [2019-12-02] Prof. HUANG Fang's team provides new proof for the analysis of moon core component and the formation process of the moon.
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  • Exciton Polariton Lattices in Halide Perovskite Semiconductors

    12-26 15:00 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Uncover the nature of ``hidden order" phase transition in the strong spin-orbit-...

    12-26 09:30 Exhibition Hall, Hefei National Laboratory Building

    Morse inequalities on complex/CR manifolds

    12.13, 16:00-17:30, Room 5206, 5th Teaching Building, East Campus, School of Mathematical Sciences

    Drama: Cheese, Strawberry and Coffee Pot

    12.15, 19:00, Auditoriumof East Campus

    Random Sampling on Big Data: Techniques and Applications

    12.12, 10:00, Academic Report Hall632,EE-3 Building, West Campus, School of Computer Sciences

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