Department of Science and Technology of Communication and Policy

The Department of S&T of Communication and Policy is committed to cultivating talents in communication field to meet the huge demands of high-end talents.


Its mission is to equip students with innovative design insights, excellent platform operation & management competence, and outstanding communication skills. We have made great achievements in the following emerging potential disciplines—— network communication, digital media, science popularization, media arts, and S&T journalism and communication.


On the basis of the long-term collaboration with China Association for Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development, Xinhua News Agency, China Research Institute for Science Popularization, China Science Daily, and China Education Television (CETV), we provide numerous internship programs with China Youth Online Media Platform, China Network Television (CNTV), and (China Educational Television) CETV. Most our students mainly work in national media companies or multinational media groups in the first-tier cities after graduation, such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.


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