Introduction to the center of Physical Education


The center of Physical Education of USTC was founded in 1958. The center is responsible for the physical education of all the students, providing compulsory and selective courses. The faculties in the PE center make great achievement both in education and in research. The Center has 2 professors, 12 associate professors and 12 lecturers, 1 international referee and several national referees.


After years of education and research, the Center focuses on the increasing of both mental and physical health of undergraduates and postgraduates. The courses provided are oriented to the establishment of life-long exercises by combining the students’ interest and need in physical education.


The center has gradually formed a complete teaching system with its own characteristics. The curriculum and course design rank high among all the universities and colleges within China. In accordance with the course design, fundamental courses are provided for freshmen, with Chinese Boxing Classes for males and Gymnastics for Females, as well as Jogging and other exercises during the first semester. During the second semester, courses of balls exercises are provided. Undergraduates can take selective course after the first year. Currently, the courses such as Badminton, Traditional Exercising, Tea and Health have all received high evaluation from the students.

Group activities also play an important role for physical exercise. Apart from physical education for students, the PE center also offers various contests and extra curriculum activities for both students and faculties. The Sport Clubs and Association hold Sports Show and Contest, such as Three-to-Three Basketball Games, Female Football. More and more students are attracted by the charm of the sports, which strengthens relationship and cooperation with each other. 

The PE center focuses on the international communication in physical equations, with the purpose of setting up the Center of Health. We try to make our contribution to the combination of Chinese traditional sports with the international physical education activities. .