The University of Science and Technology of China has been authorized by the Department of Education of China to grant Degree of MCHM(Master of Cultural Heritage and Museology) since 2010. 
The MCHM Center has 22 faculties, including 7 professors, 12 associate professors. For the last 30 years, a well-organized and inclusive system has been established to cultivate talents in protection of Cultural Relics, Scientific Archaeology, Museology and History of Science and Technology. The center is authorized to grant master and doctor degrees, and include a postdoctoral research station. Owing to the academic environment and research capability, the center provides favorable potential for the cultivation of advanced talents in Cultural Relics Protection and Recovery, Relics Scientific Identification, Relics Regulation, Display Design, Relics Preservation, Agriculture Archeology and so on. 
The center has research labs such as Relics Protection Lab, Relics Recovery Lab, Scientific Archeology Lab, Archeological residues Analysis Lab and so on. We have set up stable cooperation with a variety of academies and institutes including the Institute of History of Natural Science of China Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Archeology of China Academy of Social Science, the Institute of Archeology of Anhui Province, the Museum of Anhui Province, the Institute of Archeology of Henan Province, the Academic of Archeology of Henan Province, as well as institutes from other countries such as Japan, Germany, America, Australia, Britain, and Italy. Contact The Center of Cultural Heritage and Museology
Phone: 0551-3602484,3602861