As an initiative to build up an appropriate basis in humanities for a balanced development of our university, a Division of the History of Science was set up in 1980 by the deputy president of the university Qian Linzhao (钱临照,1906-1999), a famous Chinese physicist and historian of science, as well as the founding chairman of the Society of the History of Science of China.
In 1999, the division was expanded into the present department to include the discipline of laboratory archaeology. Since 1983, the institute has granted master’s and doctor’s degrees in the history of science to more than 260 successful candidates

Since 2001, the department has been a Key Discipline Institute of the Ministry of Education. Since 2005, the department has been a major part of the National Researching Base in Philosophy and Social Sciences at the University of Science and Technology of China.
Presently, the department has a core faculty of 8 professors, 6 associate professors, and 4 lectures, and half of them work in various fields of the history of science, including history of mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, earth and atmospheric science, and life science.