Arts & Sciences Research Center


Arts & Sciences Research Center aims to combine science and art in USTC, a typical polytechnical university, which has been put forwarded by QIAN Xuesen, the Chinese Father of Aerospace, Father of Missileand the former director in Dept of Modern Mechanics in USTC.


We have been pursuing the innovativecombinationof digital imaging, computer animation and design. To advance the development of digital art, we have been dedicated to the creative work in scientific visualization, art digitization and integrated media art. To boost the research inhistory of art closely correlated to history of science, we have been exploring the impact of technological progress and material evolution on art.


We also conduct researches on following issues: scientific planning of museums, application of new technologies in exhibitions, science and technology museums in cities, popularization of museums, and media technology.



Faculty Staff



CHEN Lvsheng