One national key discipline (History of science and Technology),

The School of Humanities and Social Science was approved by the Chinese Academy of Science and founded in November 2000.

 Its goal is the cultivation of well-rounded scientific experts, advocating comprehensive, quality education.

 Its solid cooperative relationship with the Institute of Strategic Studies in the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology promotes the national scientific strategy and policy studies.




        Dept. History of Science and Scientific Archaeology

        Dept. S&T Communication and Policy

        Dept. Foreign Language

        Dept. Philosophy of S&T

        Dept. General Education of Humanities


The school includes:

Two undergraduate majors (Communication, English),

One national key discipline (History of science and Technology),

Twodoctoral programs, 8 Science degree programs,

Three professional degree master programs,

One 985 phase II National Liberal Arts Base (National Science and technology history, science and technology civilization, philosophy and social science innovation base), ,

One provincial key discipline (Philosophy of science and Technology),

Two liberal arts research bases in Anhui Province (Science communication research and development center, Science and technology history and cultural heritage research base),

One provincial characteristic undergraduate major (Communication) in Anhui Province,

Four excellent open video courses of the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China (Appreciation and production of ceramic art, Brief history of scientific revolution, Brief history of Chinese science, Introduction to the essence of Chinese culture and Confucian cultivation),

One National Excellent Course and national excellent resource sharing course (Psychology of college students).