Interdisciplinary Studies of Linguistic Sciences Research Center

 Department of English


The Department of English is committed to language teaching tasks for both undergraduates and postgraduates and has the right to confer Master's degree of Translation and Interpreting (MTI). At the present, there are three teaching & research offices, three centers and a bilingual periodical room exclusively for students and faculty staff.

Our dept is composed of 45 Chineseteaching and administrative staff including 4 professors, 13 associate professors and 21 lecturers, and embraces over 20 foreign teachers targeting at postgraduates and undergraduate elite classes in USTC.


Secretary of Party's General Branch in Dept.English : SI Jun

Associate Directors in Dept: ZHANG Manjun, XING Hongfei

Committee Members in Dept:

SUN Lan, CHEN Jiliang, CUI Haijian, XING Hongfei, ZHANG Manjun, and SI Jun


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