The 70th session of Communication Forum of USTC -- Lecture by Dr. Chen Wenli


The 70th session of Communication Forum of USTC -- Lecture by Dr. Chen Wenli


The 70th session of Communication Forum of USTC was successfully held at the 105 lecture hall of School of Humanities and Social Science in east campus at 9:30 am on November 22, 2019. In this lecture, associate professor Chen Wenli, doctoral supervisor of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore was invited to give a special report entitled Notion of Seamless Learning with Mobile Technology: Singapore experience. Chu Jianxun, secretary of the party committee of School of Humanities and Social Science, attended the meeting. This lecture was hosted by Liang Yan, associate professor of the Department of Science and Technology Communication and Policy.

Dr. Chen is an associate professor and doctoral supervisor in the Department of Learning Science and Technology at the National Institute of Education of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, with a background in communication and education. She has long been committed to teaching and research in the fields of computer-supported collaborative learning in primary and secondary school classrooms, learning analysis supported by artificial intelligence, mobile learning, and so on. She is the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Computers in Education (ESCI), the associate editor of the Instructional Science(SSCI), the Asia-Pacific Journal of Education(SSCI), and the Research and Practice in Technology Enhanced Learning(SSCI), and consulting editor of the Asia-Pacific Education Review.



At the lecture, Dr. Chen first introduced the current state of Science and technology Learning in Singapore, including Science Learning and Problem Solving in Singapore, Singapore's 21st Century Competencies Framework, ICT in Singapore Education, 4th Masterplan for ICT in Education and so on. Then she introduced some educational theories, such as New Media Literacy, Inquiry-based Learning, Learning by doing, etc. Finally, Dr. Wenli Chen explained some specific cases of the project in detail.

Dr. Chen , in particular, introduced the Notion of Seamless Learning and innovated the Seamless Learning with Technology, which she divided into four categories. The first one was Searching for answers in classroom. The second one is Field trip to heritage site which is part of a school curriculum. The third one is Using mobile phones to capture pictures and video clips of animal and directed by self-interest. Last one is Teachable moments not planned by the teachers.