Learning Xi’s Speech in Tsinghua University’s Visit on the Branch Conference of the CPC Party Members


School of Humanities and Social Sciences of University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) held the conference for the party members of the Communist Party of China (CPC) on April 29th 2021 to learn Chinese President Xi Jinping’s speech during his visit in Tsinghua University in depth.

On the conference, all attendees watched the news video of Xi’s visit in Tsinghua University and recalled the memory that Xi’s visit in USTC on April 26th five years ago. The representative CPC party members including Zhu Canping, Chu Jianxun, Shi Yunli, Wang Xiaoyan as well as Huang Daqing shared their views and feelings after watching the video. Chu Jianxun, the secretary of School of Humanities and Social Sciences of USTC put forwarded that we should keep learning and self-improving in line with Xi’s guidance that he put forwarded five years ago during his visit in USTC. All the attendees agreed that we should take our responsibilities and adopt proper effective strategies to devote ourselves to the characteristic liberal arts construction.

Also, all the attendees studied the history of CPC’s struggles throughout 100 years from CPC’s establishment in 1921 on the conference.