USTC Holding The 17th Session of Public Science Day Online


     On 22th May 2021, USTC held 2021 Sci-Tech Week and the 17th session of Public Science Day online to celebrate the 100th anniversary of CPC establishment and promote scientific spirit through various scientific knowledge popularization activities and presentation of USTC's S&T achievements.

    The theme of 2021 Sci-Tech Week was CPC leading the trend of S&T development——Science is Booming during the 100th Anniversary of Chinese Rejuvenation . In accordance with the State Council's response towards Covid-19 Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism and regulations of Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters Office, as well as consideration of the current epidemic situation in Anhui province, the 2021 Sci-Tech Week was held online. There were live scientific popularization rooms, and many other online scientific popularization columns including scientific reports on four major principles——Following the trend of the global cutting-edge S&T,  targeting at national economic main battlefield, meeting our national great demands and putting people's life and health on the priority, face-to-face communication with masters, online traveling in scientific popularization spots, scientific public courses, and stories of scientists in the past generations. All USTCers have feasted their eyes on various activities through 2021 Sci-Tech Week.