Visualization Application and Analysis of Life Sciences Academic Sharing


On 28th May, USTC Sci-Tech Humanities Seminar and USTC Communication Forum was held in the east campus to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Dept. S&T Communication and Policy.  Zisong MA, the associate reseacher in Dept. S&T Communication and Policy shared his academic research in topic of  Visualization Application and Analysis of Life Sciences. 

After acquiring his doctorate in Biology from Max Planck Institute in 2014, Zisong MA has signed contracts as a photographer with Visual China Group and iStock at the present. His works have been included and published in some image institutions such as Lonely Planet, FOTOMEN and Sigma. Currently, he focuses on application and research in visualization of Life Sciences and relevant scientific popularization works.

During the seminar, MA introduced the application and analysis of Life Sciences in detail from four perspectives—— General Visualization and Scientific visualization, Inner Clock of Plants, Forgivable Virus and Water Melon is Unexpectedly Bitter. Also, MA presented several pictures of various viruses and cells including barley strip mosaic virus, and vividly illustrated his research in this field, which greatly broadened students' horizon and left space for consideration of their academic path in the future.

In the end of the seminar, Students and teachers at the scene actively participated in discussion with MA.